Dodge Dakota SLT 4x4Alan without auto Dodge in that city and here to talk to you about this lovely and so. But So here we have the year 2010 Dakota SLT bag of. 7 leader piece It’s engine Turner 10 horsepower 235. Toward will tow probably 5000 pounds. Beautiful engine nice is strong. So moving around to the passenger side. Code redid your space. Lots of late. Storage impermissible glove box. Then moving to the vaccine it’s a crude canceling. Back during that swings open 90 degree. You mean lots of. What’s Still If this All the way back. Plenty of legroom to. That. Features. In the group has. Seats for Let storage area in the back. I Schools or anything. It Some other ads are back and over to Kodak.

I Box it’s already gone dropping bedliner rails for a ton of paper in the back. Installed on the vehicle. Yeah we do have a full told package with water. Over As you move around to the driver’s side of it though. Controls 1998 Dodge Dakota headlights. So you’re building a power grab power mirrors. Rest here auto one touch. On the front. No but you have all your.

All of Windows is You Ability Yes this is so, We have a power driver seat. Paul cruise control operations. Dandy right on the front of the steering wheel. Which So the middle of Our So Console I 3 Cup holders lots of storage for paperwork. Southern. Another power. Well it is a 4 by 4. A handful transfer case Dr. Log in forums dried low. I am FM stereo with auxiliary for IPod, Got a full time. Please Sir a little walk around at this beautiful 20 can judge sequoia SLT 4 by 4. Pricing 0 In dollars. Yes tea at the time sat bill said in 2010 was divested class power for an engine. Size as well as best in class interior. Space for the small size pick. So thanks for watching. Right.