2017 Chevrolet ImpalaRichard Wayne you’ll agree here columbiana Cadillac Buick Chevrolet and I’m standing outside of the 2017 Chevy Impala, we’re gonna take a closer look at it here just a moment. I do welcome to subscribe to my YouTube channel is wells visit me online at Wayne you’ll read akame now have a closer look at the empower. Alright here is a nice look at the front and love the LEDs 07 Impala headlights, and on the front as well as the blacked out Chevy emblem beautiful chrome strips on the grill here. Sharp let’s go and take a look at the driver side. Alright here is a nice look at the driver side plenty of chrome accents along the driver side blinker in the side view mirror beautiful grams go ahead now take a look at the back.

Here is a nice look at the back of this premier. Empower backup camera. Rear park assist exhaust cut into the rear face shabby 6 very nice let’s go ahead now take a look at the passenger side. Alright here is a nice look at the passenger side. Now let’s go ahead now and take a look on the inside. Here’s a look in the back that you’re all weather floor mats. Now I saw trunk space. Deceits fall down so you have plenty more storage here’s a nice looking to the back beautiful stitching here on the door. Nice interior. Very sharp. Let’s go ahead now and take a look. At the edge Repetto. And that’s going to get the front. Before we get inside you can see have side blind zone alert there right on the side view mirror upper left hand corner. Here’s the interior nice looking door Cup holder there.

When the control side view mirrors window locks door locks power seat controls and lumbar. A nice look at the instrument panel. Go ahead and get inside. I hear you have a nice little compartment for storage park assist. Others are lane change assist Jacqueline release. Forward collision alert right there cruise control your 5 way directional which controls screens up here. Voice commands. Here you have your my link road in reverse you’ll see the backup camera with guidance. Very nice appear you have your. OnStar now. Bluetooth wifi 4 G. LTE hotspot. Here Sir tool climate controls. Nice compartment right in there for your phone plug it into the USB, Right there you have an auxiliary charter and some more storage Cup holders here’s our remote.

Heated seats and traction control. And down there have you SP arts cable auxiliary charger in a place where your key. There’s your glove box. OnStar appear. And of course the beautiful. Moon roof. Then open that up. Nice culture prelim roof And You can open up the glass well. Very nice. You can see the bug deflector rate here. ¬†Thanks for watching this walk around article¬†this is when you’re wearing one beyond a Cadillac, Chevrolet have a great day.