Trim travelers may have driven the Darling of the rental car fleets Chevrolets Impala, that they just might not remember it’s been that dole for that long. 2014 model leaves pouring in the rear view mirror reimagined right down to a squeaker logo impala returns to its roots. When it was launched in the late fifties display size car, was a looker and wildly popular. These days shoppers are gravitating towards the important brands and cross overs even the baby boomers who grew up with and Paula plus there’s an awful lot of competition Xara al along 300 Taris cadenza. NBI Palmer is aptly named. Hoping it to 60 miles an hour in under 6. Seconds it’s quiet at full gallop highway speed. To There are 3 engine choices I’m driving the most powerful a smooth 3.6 liter V6 that makes 305 courses. The 6 speed transmission gets a manual shift mode on the lever and a kind of awkward these are audio controls not Pat.

2014 Chevrolet Impala

If you think impala quarters like how down watch this. Not much body roll high it’s engaging and very comfortable. Personally I like my steering wait to be on the side followers he’s white. That said it’s very accurate and the arts center he’ll use solid even when the paper gets a little walk. EPA rated fuel economy is 19 city 29 highway median might lead foot are seeing a couple less than that. Paul is big. Seed option up front is no longer, available that this would be roomy interior will make you forget about all that. Stitching is everywhere there’s loads of expected storage cubbies and one that isn’t. Statue cheeseburger in here and its deterrent to show see this bright trend at night light shines through it clever and dramatic. Skinny people will rattle around the flat wide heated seats too bad the Seattle gray plastic bark looks. Well like plastic it’s funny user interfaces like should be smiling system are easier to use. Some in luxury brands. Additional information of 2014 Chevrolet Impala headlights see at

Chevrolet ImpalaThe latest version gets a crisp screen that’s well organized is Pandora when you pair your smartphone the nav system can be programmed by passengers when you’re driving and destinations could be entered just like you to address, a letter Chevy did a nice job of providing just the right amount of hard buttons. I will say that moving to the next song on my cell phone is pretty sluggish the both system is rich and powerful impala has loads of safety and luxury options blind spot warning in collision alert are on my tester adaptive cruise control vented seats and heated we owe our knocked 10 air bags are standard. So you bring your racquet like I asked. No and I’m afraid to ask why this space is huge stretch the cargo net you can almost play tennis back here lots of headroom obviously lots of knee leg and foot room 6 voters have space to stretch out there’s 2 spots to charge up yes there’s storage surprising the hope is this big on a front drive car but 3 adults will be good to go back here. And Paul is a full size and then you would think it has a pretty big trunk.

I had a plus you can load up long stopped and were some only offer a repair kit. And it’s nice to have a real spare and really the trunk is huge. Very few sedans come back in 8 of the TP trying to. Base 4 cylinder impalas go for around 27 500 Bucks with destination this particular higher end to well T. model stickers for 357 forget about the outgoing impala which. Should be easy. The 2014 it’s a dramatic change and the topic in the class now. Full size sedan market might be shrinking Chevy impala buyers Linna March.

A few things before I go go nuts with a fully loaded LTZ model and you’re looking at 42 grand impala is the best selling car in that segment by far but. I have to believe that fleet sales play a big part of that. And I’ve got to show you this last archive shot my question is. How did they wedge next to the pool. Well folks that’s my take on the 2014 Chevy impala and before I go let me leave you with this things have changed dramatically with the auto industry in the last 5 years if you’re not test driving a bunch of different vehicles from all the manufacturers. You’re only cheating. Self really do your homework do the test drives you’ll find a lot of surprises out. That’s driven I’m Tom Volk.