Monroe Shocks absorber And Struts

Hello everyone and welcome in this video are teamed up with Monroe shocks and struts we’re gonna be learning about how to tell if your shocks are worn out. So the first thing we’ll be discussing is visual checks things you can physically look at and determine whether or not your shock absorbers are worn out so 1 of the first and most obvious things.

Monroe Shocks And StrutsIf you’re looking at the shock absorber if there any fluid leaks coming from it so fluid leaks means that that fluid bits with in the monroe shock absorbers can no longer be as useful since there’s not as much of it it’s gonna pass through that piston and that’s what’s doing all the dampening so obviously it’s not gonna work as well now if you have a dented or damaged shark were shocked body as well as damaged melts and bushings those are some other things are going to want to look for to determine whether or not you would need to replace your strut now checking out your tires 1 thing you can look for his cupped tires and the reason this would occur with a failed shark as of the film shark would allow for uneven pressure of the tire as athletes up and down and kind as little bit of a bounce to it and that uneven pressure will result in uneven wear on the tire itself and then you’ll see this as a cups tyrants he may know that you need to replace the shock absorber so this is 1 of the shock absorbers out of whack your integra which.

I pulled out when I had about 100 25 0 miles on it and actually it looks to be in pretty good shape there’s no dents or dings on no visible damage to the body of the shark in there also aren’t any fluid leaks so it looks to be in pretty good condition you know this seal up on the top is kind of coming off on but that’s there to prevent any metal on metal contact between the shark tower and this upper mail so overall looks to be in decent shape even though it has so many miles on it but you know it is obviously something worth checking out now there are some other things you can do where you can check by feel to determine whether or not the sharks are worn out 01 thing for example if you go over a pothole were over a speed bump in your car continues to belts obviously your shock absorber isn’t dampening out that vibration and so you may have a damage shark also significant body roll under light turning or lane changing you shouldn’t have too much body roll under like turning lane changing and that could be a result of a war in shock.

Also excessive nosedive same kind of thing like body roll excessive nosedive could result if your front or rear shocks were kind of war now and then you just had the whole car kind of shift forward more and then finally just a harsh were bumpy ride and poor steering response these can all be associated with your shock absorbers not exactly working properly now if you don’t feel comfortable inspecting your shock absorbers yourself obviously could always have a professional look at it and Mira thinks it’s a good idea to have these looked at after you’ve got about 50000 miles on your car.

So why should you be concerned with your shock absorbers why should you replace them if they’ve worn out well Monroe has something that they called the safety triangle and basically this comes down to steering stopping instability 3 things that can be adversely affected by having a worn sharks and so with steering you know if you have excess of body roll that’s gonna hold to your steering Lyman geometry and so you could lose us and steering responsiveness as well steering capability and that wouldn’t obviously be ideal now for stopping if you do have worn sharks you can have additional weight transfer to the front and that could put more loading on your front tires in front brakes and result in an increase stopping distance.

Finally stability as if you have worn shorts you’re gonna have increased role sway and belts and this is obviously going to affect how well you can control the vehicle so adversely affecting your stability some other things to keep in mind passenger comfort tire wear like those mentioning previously with the uneven pressure from a oscillating tire dynamic wheel alignment so how your wheels aligned with you know different body roll and things like that and if you have more body roll than you normally would then it’s going to kind of get out of that alignment break life and the durability of the chassis parts if there are other things that are taking the load other than the shark because it’s worn out so feel free to check out the related links in the video description if you have any questions or comments you can leave those below thanks for watching.

BMW 7 Series saloon 2013 review

When. Yeah. The BMW 7 series had always paint one of if not the best in terms of driving in the luxury limousine market is undergoing a bit of a facelift to further aid is a pale to those that buy the success statements before we see what they say design let’s take a look at the visual upgrades . This is how minimal and subtle obeying could mean anything headlights revised grow with fewer slacks and we shake front bumper.

BMW 7 Series saloon 2013

Crime state as the any additions. If I was being safe but I would definitely be happy with the amount of room in the back here plenty of headroom and legroom is in abundance so if you’re a 6 foot tall no be no complaints either plus if you like your music you enjoy the Panos and 16 speak a stereo system and if you go for the rear seat entertainment package you get these non deflating Lana says.

There’s also a variety of buttons and switches to adjust. Sheets. He said at conditioning and if you like being in control like I do you can even. I just. Things. There are significant changes in the front as well including missing something not on these black panel screen replaces the traditional instrument cluster which changes its appearance depending on what made you in pots which will come back to that festival let’s see how it phase in terms of storage.

To Cup holders had. Plans Ponce with. The big boss possessed. That It needs a few other items you might need to carry around with you some chocolates. Actually not simply to get hungry. King we can send free Tibet shop could run out unknowns. Well a posse that with flying colors and now. If I used the engine range you can still get the flagship model 6 litre V. 12 however it today we are in the active hybrid 7 which teams up a 6 cylinder petrol engine with a 54 break coast power and that checkmate resulting in a total weight because power 300 49 and make more efficient than the less empowered 740 I if it’s low emissions that you’re off data then you’ll be impressed with the modestly powered 7 facts see because that to me is just 100 48 grams per kilometer of CO 28 which is the best in class and does 50.4 miles to the gallon .

Thanks to extra soundproofing self leveling rear suspension and. 8 speed automatic gearbox the BMW 7 series fills up market as it should day. Back to that screen I mentioned Allia it changes its appearance depending on what driving major and sigh if you proceed into eco prize it tends blue and your web account set tens into an efficiency power steering doesn’t feel teeth spike however that  as the one you get in a BMW one series and as for that good handling well there is a trade off because even in comfort my it still isn’t as relaxing as a Mercedes because no is the interior as posh.

Then there’s the compromised big space in the active hybrid 7 because of the election mensa however and that is always going to be the case because it is the same story for the Audi A. 8 hybrid and the Lexus LS 608. If you don’t have to and that you mentioned that the boots is actually very large and did you see how I opened it. Just on the key fob knocking claims it just. So it has redeemed itself then it is in the past driving luxury saloon call on the market today boasting sporting excellence as BMW proceeds and I agree with them if low emissions is the number one priority and it looks like a bother trying to Shin.

Set gasket – to solve the problem.

gasketSome models of Subaru engines can be served in a very unusual way.
Faults in the belt drive systems, Subaru Forester, Impreza, Liberty, Legacy and the Outback, equipped with gasoline engines (1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.2 and 2.5 liter) and manual transmission, often occur because of errors in performing maintenance.

Experts have determined that, due to installation errors in problem models, timing belt guide plate can lead to premature failure of the system and serious engine damage.

The plate is located directly above the crankshaft pulley, very close to the timing belt. According to the automaker specifications, gap between the belt and the guide should be in the range from 0.5 mm to 1 mm. It is necessary to prevent contact between the belt and the cover while the engine is running, since at their contact will be friction, and the excess heat will be allocated, which will lead to accelerated failure.
During installation of the guide plate, spacer is inserted between the belt and the plate, while respecting the mounting position and the working gap. After tightening of the fixing bolts reusable spacer is simply removed using the “expansion tongue.”